There are so many opportunities to counsel our kids after the age of 18 that are  important for choices that are made that can have life long consequences. You want your adult children to come to YOU with these questions in life.  Why? Because you have their best interest in mind and you know them better than anyone else.  We told our kids as they got older, when you have a big decision to make, consult  3 respected people who know you well.  Ultimately, they have to learn to make their own decisions, but to get the opinions of three people who have their best interests in mind, who know all angles of the situation at hand, gives one a few different perspectives when making a big decision in life.

Start early on teaching this skill by modeling it in your own life and sharing your experience with your children as they are young when the circumstances are age appropriate and something they can understand.  Here  are some examples.  1). “The cable bill is getting higher and higher each month.  I think we are spending way too much.  What do you think?”  2). “The car keeps breaking down.  Maybe it’s time for a new car, let’s get an estimate to get it fixed, price out buying a new car or and checkout leasing.  I want to know what you think and let’s get our mechanic’s advice and our car salesman too and let’s figure this out.” Keep your kids in the loop on these decisions and afterwards, sort things out and discuss if the correct decision was made.  If not, find a new solution.  Kids will model what they see played out at home both good and bad.  Teach them lessons on making good choices and consulting knowledgable people who love and care about them, like you.  Let them know that making mistakes and learning from them are part of life and that it is fair to change their mind with more information later on.  This could lead to many…Great Days 🍏