What are your interest?  You must be interested in something.  We have our Faith, our families our livelihood and those are paramount.  Aside from those, how else do you spend your remaining wakeful hours?  There isn’t much left after you take care of the big 3.  What fills that void for you?  Think of a school age child’s life. What do they do with the little extra time in their life?  If a child does not have a hobby or interest, something will occupy that growing mind and we all know that a mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Whether it is music, academics, reading or a variety of other productive activities, something will take that space.  These interests may just be ‘interests’ for the rest of their life or they could very well lead to a life long career or something that teaches a child how to “study” a subject.  Think of all the hobbies that involve the development of fine motor skills like sewing, knitting, putting together puzzles or models or playing a musical instrument.  Or think of the benefits of a child learning to cook and bake, reading for leisure or having interests in history, painting or drawing.  Every child needs something to be “good at” and I believe that every child DOES have something that they are good at, as parents, we just need to help them find it.  It gives them something to be proud of that they are an “expert” at.  The words of Henry Ford come to mind and his quote referring to the quote of Henry David Thoreau’s “The devil finds work for idle hands,” “That the devil finds work for idle hands is probably true.  But there is a profound difference between leisure and idleness.”  If kids know how to entertain themselves with productive activities in their leisure time, they are less likely to get into trouble and they may even develop some life long interests or skills that lead into a fulfilling life/career later on and no doubt either way, many Great Days 🍎