Our adult kids are all good athletes.  They come by it naturally with lots of in born ability.  Their Dad played college tennis, their Mom a dancer and a Grandfather who played soccer in Macedonia.  In addition to all of that, they started running and playing soccer at a young age.  From there, they moved on to their favorite sports, all golf, tennis and skiing.  As a family, physical fitness was just part of what we did,  after school and on the weekends they practiced, trained, strategized and competed.  They loved it.  They competed locally, on the state, national and even international when it came to Zach and his tennis. Both he and Sasha played at the collegiate level and although Alex had the opportunity to, he choose to focus on his academics and getting a spot in a dental school class before completing his undergraduate studies, which he did, but he did play intramural  tennis at Texas Christian University.  I really didn’t play sports growing up, except for parks and recreation tennis and a stint on the high school swim team, very short lived, as I wasn’t a fan of 5:30 am practices on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.  I did however, LOVE driving our kids around to lessons, practices and matches, meets and tournaments, and I learned a lot.  If my kids were going to play, I felt. that I  needed to be part of it.  It meant knowing the rules, the game, as much of the strategy as I could understand, and making sure that they had the equipment they needed and that they learned to be organized and ready to play.  In every sport, this is important, but I would have to say, in all the sports they participated in, golf would have to be the sport that taught this the most.  In golf, there are so many rules, there is golf etiquette, and strategy.  All three are excellent golfers, Sasha being part of State Championship teams in high school.  Between their Dad and their FAV golf instructor, Dr. Bob, and Sasha’s high school golf coach, Martha Ryan, those three kids learned soooo much about this life long sport.  Although I would not consider myself a golfer, except for on the occasions that we go out as a family, and a couple summers when I played in a women’s league, it’s surprising as to how much I do know about the sport.  I learned from just being around it, listening to so many lessons and car/dinner conversations about strategy.  I realized this this past summer as we watched the Ally Challenge from box seats given to us by a Family friend.  Maybe someday I will join another league, but for now, the writing, cooking, teaching and dancing fill my free time.

Every family has accomplishments they should feel proud of.

Anyway, back to golf.  Both Dr. Bob, Martha and Brad taught the kids to always prepare to play, and to practice “ready golf.”  They were taught to frequently clean out their bag.  Have only what they needed, especially since they often carried their bags.  They needed to make sure they had a glove and a spare, some tees, a ball marker, extra balls, the correct amount of clubs, a towel, a hat and sunglasses, a device to see how far the ball was to determine the club to use, sunscreen, and umbrella and a rain jacket and a protein bar. Martha taught her Grand Blanc High School Girls State  Championship Golf Teams, (yes, she led her teams to numerous titles), all of this, as well as to be prepared for the elements.  The girls  often played early on in the spring (and then late into the fall when the girls seasons changed) so there could be snow, rain, cold or high winds.  She taught her girls to be ready for the elements with hats, long johns gloves, warm socks and layers.  She also wanted the girls to be well hydrated and nourished.  Martha’s philosophy was that “the team that is well prepared, dress for the elements and well nourish is the team that will win,” and Martha knew what she was talking about.  Ready golf means, paying attention to where your ball is, where you hit it and where it lands, so you don’t have to waste time searching for your ball, so that you know what club to get out, so that when it is your turn to hit your ball, you have your club out, your golf glove on and you are ready!  What this does is it speeds up play, keeps the game going and keeps from the golf course getting backed up.  It shows a sense of respect for those you are playing with and the group behind you.  Also, when playing ready golf, you are a engaged in the game, you know your score and most of the time, when you play this way, your chances of playing a good round are increased.  Think about it.  If you are checking your phone, spending too much time talking and not paying attention, you won’t be focused and when you are less focused, you are most likely, not going to play as well.  It’s also not fair to those in your group, who set aside the time to play.  I remember once being paired up with a gal when one summer I played in a women’s 9 whole league, who was on her phone constantly, both with her kids and her ex-husband.  She was not my original partner they had paired me with, but a busy  body gal who didn’t want to golf with Chatty Kathy, who had them switch her and Chatty Kathy, ended up with moi.  Not only did I listen to her phone conversations, but she bad talked many women at the Club, including one of my Chief Friends and she totally neglected to respect the dress code by wearing a halter top and a too short skirt.  When the round was finished, I marched into the pro shop and requested to NEVER, WHATSOEVER, PAIR ME UP WITH CHATTY KATHY AGAIN.  I also reminded them that her attire was not within the club rules.

This is a good lesson to carry over in to life as well.  Doing your homework and strategizing about the coming day the night before.  Having things prepared for the following day. Having the back pack or brief case out and ready to go with everything you need in it.  The car filled with gas and keys by the back door.  Clothes out and lunch packed in the fridge and ready to go.  If you are traveling, all documents ready.  When you get to the ticket counter ID in hand and boarding pass ready to show and proper amount of weight already measured at home so you are not reshuffling your belongings while in line, to hold up those behind you.  Having all important papers at home organized in files so they are easily accessible when needed.  All dates on a visible wall, personal or phone calendar.  Closets somewhat organized so that your belongings can be found.  Don’t your days go somewhat smoother when you make an effort to play, “READY LIFE?” Or think to yourself how inconvenient when you yourself don’t live like this or how it disrupts your life when those in line in front of you aren’t paying attention to the traffic light turning green, they aren’t ready when they get to the counter at the bank, to order at the bakery, the counter for lunch at Panera Bread or have all they need when it’s their turn at the pharmacy.  It’s about respect, not just for yourself and those who count on you, but respect for those you encounter.  It’s an inconvenience when someone ahead at the pharmacy drive thru ties up the pharmacy tech with numerous question, and problems.  If I have special circumstances, I go in.  Now I am very sympathetic to those who cannot walk in and the drive through is their only was to safely get their medications, that is a different story.  It’s the same at the Starbucks drive thru.  If I am getting more than one drink, I go in.  I have seen cars get cart carriers full of drinks at the drive thru, like for the entire office staff…Can’t they go in, rather than holding up the line with their lengthy order?  Again, it’s about respect for those around us…

We happen to know about these people's accomplishments, but we all have acacolades we should look back on fondly.

When you start your days practicing READY LIFE, you can accomplish more and be more efficient.  Life has gotten so complicated.  There is so much to remember and so many tasks to just get through the day…Good nutrition to start the day and to get through it, exercise, home maintenance,  transportation and maintenance, technology, do you have your phone (& charger), your computer/tablet, insurance, taxes, work responsibilities, relationships, health and safety, education/training, I could go on and on, but add a spouse, children and extended Family and social responsibilities and everyone has a full plate each and everyday.  If you want to get the most out of your days, playing READY LIFE is an important part of the equation.  When the unexpected circumstances come up, they are a bit more manageable if you have a handle on your life.  Playing READY LIFE allows  you to be aware and mindful of the incidental situations in life.  If there is routine and regularity to your life, you are more aware when something doesn’t seem “right.”  This might help when it comes to managing your health.  If you have a handle on things and all of a sudden, you notice discomfort in your everyday activity, your are more in tune to your body’s normal function, you are more likely to check in with your doctor and get on to a potential problem early on.  If you just rush through life out of control or on auto pilot, you may miss something that if addressed  early on, could be managed and taken care of, but left undetected could have a detrimental outcome.

When you play ready golf and get your game going, it’s easier to take your game to the next level and on and on.  The same is true in life.  Think of the Greatest of All Times in their respective sports or areas of expertise, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, Martina Navratilova, Serena, Nadal, Novak, Streisand, Meryl Streep, Clint Eastwood, Ben Carson, Wayne Gretzky.  They must be so organized and each day they build on their successes.  They get up everyday with a strategy and a purpose and a plan to each day.  So that each day, they can PUMP IT UP to a new plateau…We can learn from their successes and get the most out of our days so we can PUMP IT UP and be the best person we can be for ourselves, our people, those around us and our communities…Think about all the positive things that could come from  that and think of just how many days we could then look back and say to ourselves…It’s a Great Day ⛳️

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