Having taught Parenting classes and being a teacher, I sometimes am asked for my thoughts on the best books on Parenting.  Here are my top 2.  At number 1, The Bible. The Bible is a treasure of timeless stories and examples of how to live a good life.  Also in the Bible are the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule and Proverbs that cover pretty much all of the situations one would encounter throughout their life and how to handle them.  It is the best selling book of all times for good reason.  In second place, in my opinion is…The Book of Life.  And what do I mean by the Book of Life?  The issues that come up in everyday life are prime opportunities for excellent teaching moments to learn from.  For example, you happened to read a story in the news about a college student who was caught cheating on an exam and they are expelled from a top name college.  You read/tell the story to your high school kids and discuss the story, how high the stakes are and what a foolish thing it is to cheat ANYTIME. Sometime, you  can tell your kids something until you are blue in the face. However, when they hear a real story that affects one of their contemporaries, all of a sudden, the lesson you hoped to teach them is real.  The T. Berry Brazeltons, Penelope Leachs, Jean Piagets will come and go, some with very sound common sense guidance and some with trendy advice.  Choose wisely where you get information.  My suggestion is to go with the tried and true for many Great Days 🍏