The CEO & Founder of one of my favorite cosmetic companies gives away a few monetary awards each year to new start up and to apply for the award, the founder of the start up needs to give a video taped, 30 second “elevator pitch.”  An elevator pitch is a short summary you could give to someone in the time you would be in an elevator of what your company or business does, it’s mission, what it sell/does, why it’s useful/valuable and their core values.  A Family is an organization of sorts.  There are members, there’s a head,  they have a purpose, and they have core values.  How would you sum up your Family’s mission, values and purpose?  I’m sure you have all of these covered, but have you shared these with your children?  This would be a good dinner table discussion or weekend project.  I am guessing that you could come up with a long list.  Try to narrow it down to maybe 5 or 6 objectives.  Have one of the kids write them out on a larger sheet of paper, you could get creative with this, either using your computer & printer or using paints/crayons/markers to make something you could post in a prominent place in your home for all to be about to see as they are going up the stairs, heading into the kitchen or right before they go out the door or as soon as they come in.  The kiddos could make a smaller version for their backpack or school planner so they are reminded frequently of what their Family believes in.  Once you get going with this activity, you’ll probably find out that your kids already know, it’s just nice to be reminded of what you all stand for…I’m thinking this might contribute to…Many more…Great Days 🍏