Last week the Hubby and I were in the kitchen and I referred to myself as “parading around” somewhere.  I don’t know actually where I was “parading around,” but he then said to me, “Mary Yana, exactly what IS ‘parading around?’”  I thought to myself, ‘I’ll show you just what parading around is’, so I pulled out my phone and found a playlist on Spotify of John Phillips Sousa music.  If you do not know who JPS is, he happens to have written so much of the military music we hear on patriotic occasions.  Pull up some of his music and you’ll know what I’m talking about.  Soooooo, I pictured a scene from “The Music Music” with Robert Preston or of new, Hugh Jackman and I imagined a baton in my hand and I marched, or rather, “Paraded” around the kitchen to JPS “Stars and Stripes Forever.”  Kids love these impromptu moments and they are available to you each and every day.  Put your phone or iPad to creative use in these teachable moments.  Be a little dramatic (on your own level, I have a little too much of that in me sometimes) and have some fun with your kiddos (or the people in your life, you can be a kid at any age).  Your fun may inspire more reading and listening or even a new area of interest for your children or yourself…and…Many Great Days 🍎