🍏 This time of year, I like to open the windows at home and  often the windows down (and sun roof open) when in the car.  Yesterday was one of those days. As I walked outside over the weekend, I could smell the ‘blossoms’ in bloom.  For me, it is the scent of springtime in Genesee County, Michigan.  For all of my years of ‘aware’ life, I have observed this scent every spring.  I could not tell you what blossoms make up that scent, but I could recognize it anywhere, anytime.  Maybe it’s because of a long winter or of a house being closed up that we welcome the open windows and windows down car rides when the weather breaks in Michigan but this time of year has so much variety  to offer our senses.  Think about the scent of freshly laid mulch, fresh cut grass or LILACS in bloom.  As I drove back to Grand Blanc from Fenton yesterday afternoon, Jim Brickman’ s “Partners in Crime” came on featuring saxophonist,  Dave Koz.  The windows were open, I felt all of this and I couldn’t wait to get home, lay down a quilt on the grass and just take it all in.  I started to write today’s Teaching Tuesday on my iPad, but I just stopped and took it all in.  The chores could wait, dinner could wait, it was just beautiful, all of it.  Teach your kids to sense, enjoy and appreciate their surroundings. It might just contribute to…a Great Day 🍏