It seems as if there’s so much discourse and anger in our world these days and it seems to have gotten worse over the last few years. Maybe there’s a higher agenda, and maybe those who speak in what sounds like anger are just extremely passion about passionate about their feelings.  Some may act this way to garner attention, claiming their 15 minutes of fame, or maybe, some are just fools spouting off nonsense they really don’t believe, they just want to be on the exact opposite side of their enemy getting favor on their team. To me those are the ones to be pitied and considered absolute fools.

     Can you imagine going in front of cameras for all the world to see and rattling off lies about your boss? Not just lies unknown to others, but blatant untruths that are common knowledge to many? Enter Karine Jean-Pierre Press Secretary,  to United States President, day after day, either covering up or clueless in her dialogue either considered negligent, for what, the next big job or material to write a book.  Both possibilities would be self-serving and just how foolish, to put one’s self in such a precarious position. I pity anyone who compromises themselves for such a purposes, Mr. T was right…

    Next, let’s take a look at the representative from Florida Florida’s 25th Congressional District, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Marked by a prior election controversy while Hilary Clinton was running and now, she rears her ugly head once again, this time to silence free speech during a congressional hearing on censorship, where she speaks over and invited guest trying to testify. She cuts him off, interrupts and repeats falsehoods, in an attempt to silence an attorney, author an expert, someone from her own political party and from a prominent American family. Interestingly, her attempts failed as a fellow congressman from Kentucky was able to speak Robert F Kennedy‘s words when given the opportunity. Point goes to RFK Jr..    Representative Wasserman Schultz was like a Looney Tunes character left in the road runners dust, unable to achieve her goal of silencing someone speaking the truth, just to gain favor on her own team.

    Two more examples here with talk show hosts on ABC’s The View, which actually could be renamed, “My View and The Only View”, Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin are fools to be pitied in the biggest way.  Both very successful each in their own fields, Goldberg an award winning actress and nominated for her work on stage, screen and audio over a long career in entertainment, and Hostin, a graduate of the prestigious Notre Dame Law School, who  has held esteemed positions in the legal field and after working in Court TV, earned herself a spot on one of day time TVs most popular show’s “The View.”  Hostins is married to an orthopedic surgeon who trained with Dr. Ben Carson at John’s Hopkins University Medical School.  Both women should be grateful for the opportunities afforded to them, due to their hard work, each in their respective professions, to earn such placements and positions, but noooooooooooooooo.  These two women are the most ungrateful, mean and angry individuals on television, if not known to man-or woman.  they spout off lies, negativity and ungratefulness for a country that has made them both celebrated stars.  These two women have seen such success and goodness in their lives, yet see this country as a place to be despised. At one time, I occasionally enjoyed watching, when Barbara Walter’s, who created the show, back in the late 90s, was at the helm.  Back then there was an attempt to show a variety of views on topics, they gave guests, even those who held opposing views, an opportunity to speak their opinions with discussion and respect rather shutting them down. Now, there is no room for an opposing view on a show called “The View.”  Any guest who is an opponent of their views will be shut down and at times, embarrassed.  Whoopi’s Goldberg and Sunny Hostin are women to be pitied for their hostility and anger.  What miserable individuals they must be, to to be so angry and negative.  How unfortunate that all of their successes in life does not give them a happy heart and sense of gratitude for all of their recognition for the hard work to achieve such incredible notoriety…

    Former Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie is to be pitied as well.  To run for President, not to make a contribution to make the country better, but to do all in his power to prevent another candidate from being elected.  A Governor who left office with low approval, who had a Bridge-Gate scandal on his watch and having had extended family members try to get out of bad behavior by using his position.  His boisterous ‘all hot air’ language and chest thumping, make him look foolish and to be pitied, as to how history may paint him.  ‘Was he just sowing soured grapes for not getting a top spot in a former President’s cabinet?” History may describe him as a overweight caricature  of himself.  Yes, he is a fool to be pitied.

    Lastly, consider Hunter Biden.  Has there ever been such a pitied First Son?  If so, I am unaware. Drugs, prostitution, unlawful, illegal behavior, discharged from the military for testing positive for drug, afforded access to the most prestigious schools/social circles, father to many, husband to few, a celebrated artist, lawyer, international businessman and resident of the White House.  How many people can claim that they have had such experiences?  Very few. At the age of 53, he has been treated like a child with bad behavior his entire life.  Not dealing with his poor behavior was like kicking a can down the road, never having made him experience the consequences of his recklessness. Really, Hunter is to be pitied.  To not have been reprimanded for his improprieties has allowed him to continue to get by with bigger and more dangerous behavior. What a restless heart this all must have contributed to, looking for the next big fix.  Picture a toddler out of control who lays on the floor kicking and screaming.  When a parent confronts bad behavior early on, managing the child gets easier over time, teaching the child to eventually control their own behavior so that they can assimilate into society as they grow into adulthood.  “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he s old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).  Most likely, Hunter’s behavior was never dealt with.   It’s uncomfortable to deal with bad behavior.  It requires taking time being consistent and unrelenting as a parent.  It takes patience and time, however the reward out trumps the other side of the equation.  Not dealing with a problem, allows it to get bigger and harder to handle over time as in “Little Kids, Little Problems, Big Kids, Big Problems.”  Little problems not dealt with early on can result in bigger problems with fatal consequences later.  Parents who refuse to handle their children’s problems early on may very well leave their children to be curbed by society in possibly a public and embarrassing situation.  Why any parent would set their child up for such circumstances is beyond my understanding.  Even children who experience tragedy or loss, such as the death of a parent, are still to be disciplined and expected to follow rules and laws.  There is absolutely no excuse for such negligence on the part of the parent.  Yes, Hunter Biden is to be pitied for having been let by with decades of poor and destructive behavior.  Someday he will pay the price one way or another.

    Throughout history some people have chosen to be fools  either for their own gain or for that of their “team.”  Either way, they are to be pitied.  Pitied for their ignorance or loyalty to evil.  Think of those on the wrong side throughout history or wartime and the stupidity they must have felt when they realized just how foolish they had been at their ability to have been duped.  In an advanced, educated and open society, opposing views are welcomed.  Each one of us can be enlightened from hearing views other than our own, whether we agree or not. Just think of a marriage and how, when two respectful individuals come together they each take on some traits of one another. Each one of us can benefit from hearing other’s views.  We don’t have to all believe the same but each one of us deserves to be respected as well as our voice and opinion.  My hope is not to be the fool to be pitied.  Not to, could lead to Great Days ahead.