French Toast is one of those breakfast menu items that gets credit for a big bang for the buck in terms of not a lot of effort or extravagant ingredients, yet it most definitely is a crowd pleaser.  Originally made by French chefs to use stale bread hundreds of years ago.  A few weekends ago, we hosted some friends for a nice summer weekend.  When you are the host or hostess, it’s important that YOU have fun too and are not left at the end of the weekend entertaining exhausted. Neither you nor your guests want that.  Here’s a good recipe your guests will enjoy, leftovers can be either refrigerated for the next morning or  frozen for another meal at a later time.  Enlist guests to do some of the preparation or clean up tasks while you make the meal.  Again, guests want you to enjoy as well so they don’t feel guilty enjoying.

I placed all items on the island for a nice little buffel for our guests.

    Key ingredient on this recipe are a good fluffy bread, like a Brioche available at Walmart, Publix and most grocery stores.  To be available to make this most  of the time, keep some good bread frozen.  Usually if using frozen bread, I will toast it to defrost before dipping in the mixture of milk and eggs.  Most other ingredients on this are items that you would usually have on hand.  The “wow factor” ingredient on this would have to be the orange zest.  It both compliments and contrasts the maple syrup.  And speaking of maple syrup, don’t compromise and use cheap syrup, use the real McCoy, a good maple syrup.

The Penzy's vanilla and cinnamon were a thoughtful gift from a good friend. Thanks Tina!

    Lastly, I am giving a recipe for the smallest quantity. Most times I make French Toast, I will double so there is plenty either for a crowd, to send home or to freeze for a later breakfast with little effort.  Enjoy!

I used a Cuisinart Griddler for this French Toast. Other times I have used a saute pan and a large grill pan that fits on our gas stove. Everyone has their favorite way of cooking French Toast and Pancakes (try my Orange Pancakes here on the website).


-1/2 cup milk (milk of your choice, preference or dietary need)

-4 eggs

-2 teaspoons pure vanilla

-zest of 1 orange or clementine

-pinch of salt

-1 teaspoon cinnamon

-1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

-8 or so slices of bread, depending on thickness (I like French Brioche)

-2 Tablespoons, approximately to melt on griddle or in pan


1.  Assemble all ingredients, blend and have bread handy to dip.  I   like to mix in a pie dish for adequate space for dipping bread.

2.  Heat pan or griddle melting some unsalted butter so that bread  will not stick to pan or griddle you can also you a cooking spray.

3.  Dip and coat each slice of bread in mixture.  Place in pan or on griddle.  When that side is toasty brown, flip over.  Stay close by to watch and not to allow to burn.

4.  Store warm French Toast in a covered dish or cover with foil.

5.  I like to serve with some type of protein, either eggs, meat, Greek         yogurt or cottage cheese.  Fresh squeezed juice is also           accompaniment or your favorite fruit.

 Bon Appetit!

With easy recipes like this one and others here on the website, I was able to have fun with our guests 🌸