Last Friday’s blog post titled, “On Becoming Mrs. Paul” told the story of a Sunday School teacher who made quite a mark on those who she taught and her close family.  One story that I read from her daughter, who is a writer, [which I did not include, but should have{ reflecting on her life growing up was a memory of her Dad coming home from a long day at the Coney Island he owned with a cousin.  When her Dad came home, her Mom would open a bottle of Coke for him and he would pass that bottle around to his five children, to all take a swig before he did.  It was probably the early sixties, all all kids around the table or seated in a circle around their Dad.  Can you picture that.  I can.  It’s not a trip to Disney or Cedar Point.  It’s a Mom, a Dad and five children sitting around sharing their day, maybe the Dad with the youngest on his lap the kids can smell the scent of the grill, the fries and he has a mustard stain on his yellow shirt (as his author daughter describes in her book).  There are not matching outfits most likely, just a family together and all those years later, parents past on and the five children, aunts, uncles and grandparents themselves and that is a beautiful memory.  It didn’t cost much and it wasn’t planned and photographed most likely, it was just a family connecting at the end of the day.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with family vacations, taking photographs with our kids, or matching outfits.  However, don’t underestimate the special unplanned moments and the impression they leave on your child.  Carl Paul worked long hours in his restaurant, like many Dads.  He may have missed some events in his kids lives here and there, like many Dad’s who have demanding jobs or their own business, but it didn’t stop him from making the time with his children memorable.  They probably have shared many special memories with their children and grandchildren to keep his memory alive and to remind them to do the same with their families.

    Create your own special and memorable moments here and there.  Maybe it’s a good night story, saying a prayer before bedtime, hugging your child and being the last voice they here before they fall asleep, “I love you so much and I always will, you are so special to me.”  Those memories will always be with your child and maybe if they have a tough day as a young adult when they are on their own, they’ll reflect on those special moments and words you said to them and they may reinforce to them that it might have been a tough day, but mom and Dad have confidence in me and they love me” giving them the self-assurance they need to take on the next day and regroup. You just never know the impression and impact you can have on a child.  The same for grandparents or any special adult in a child’s life.  Treasure those moments you get with the children in your life and make them memorable.  It could make for many great days for you all.

Wishing you a Great Day🍎