A few years back a prominent local person was interviewed by a national news anchor. I don’t remember the circumstances of why they were on a national morning show but they made a good appearance. After that encounter the individual continue to talk about their experience and their new “friendship” with this national personality. First, it was interesting to hear their experience but as time went on and the stories got bigger it got old rather quickly. It got to the point where friends of this person would started to make fun of them. People often wondered why their spouse didn’t say something to them about how foolish they acted and suggest that they lay off or soft pedal it. Kind of like when you have broccoli in your teeth and you just hope that someone will tell you you need to floss.

Please tell me when I have broccoli or taboulli in my teeth.

    I know that I count on my friends, Chief Friends and  my family to tell me when I have “food in my teeth.”  Like the friend who will tell you that you have toilet paper on  the bottom of your shoe before you leave the bathroom that  Gilda Radner talked about in the Rosanna Rosanna Danna skit  from Saturday Night Live back in the 70s. We count on our people to keep us in check and I know that I would rather hear from my spouse, Family or a close friend I was wearing some thing that was not appropriate rather than embarrassing myself. I like being around friends who are honest with me and tell me the way it is rather than telling me what I want to hear.

    Everyone isn’t like that though. We see people in the news, celebrities, politicians athletes, performers  and even people in our own communities who like to surround themselves with people who tell them exactly what they want to hear. Sometimes and arrogant ego takes over. A humble confidence in ones self is a good thing. You have to feel pretty confident about yourself if you want to surround yourself with people who are smarter or savvier.  Not everybody can keep their ego in check. Think of the most successful Presidents the United States has had over this country‘s inception. In my opinion the Presidents who have done the best for our country are those who have been not afraid to bring on the brightest and most talented people in their specific area. Those Presidents, CEOs, leaders in a community and in business are smart enough to realize that they don’t know everything and that surrounding themself with the best people for the job not only is best for all involved, but in the end contributes to one’s own success. It is a fool who thinks they know everything and is unwilling to listen what others have  to say.

Former Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau on the right with his wife and young son, Justin Trudeau, current Prime Ministe of Canada at a hockey game. 

    “Reason before passion,” a quote from long time former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau.  Interestingly, Pierre Trudeau’s son, current Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, doesn’t always subscribe to that philosophy in handling matters his country.  We saw that with his handling of the Covid debacle and how he treated the truckers peacefully protesting the governmental restrictions in Ottawa a couple years back.   Canadians, like many around the world, were ready to put restrictions from COVID-19 and the pandemic behind them. A convoy of Canadian truckers is currently peacefully protesting  in the country‘s capital of Ottawa. Their cause and  concern is for Freedom for Canadian citizens from restrictions (not from vaccines, but for the Freedom to choose). From all accounts, it appears to be a peaceful protest with no violence.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ‘s steps included everything from physically having the truckers and their truck removed to seizing bank accounts and terminating their licenses and insurance.  This behavior is nothing less than that of a tyrant. I wonder if advice from those around him fell on deaf ears or if he choose to surround himself with those who tell him what he wants to hear.  It sounds like his power and ego have gotten the best of him.

Justin Trudeau.

    History is filled with many accounts of  arrogant leaders and prominent figures who  refused to listen to those around them and try to look out for them. Think of the arrogant monarchs throughout history who were so prideful that it causes their downfall. It’s sad to see someone fail at their own doing and in neglect to listen to warnings from those who care. However, some people have to learn the hard way.  The truth hurts and sometimes it’s hard to hear.

A scene from the peaceful protesting in Ottawa during the pandemic. 

    Sometimes these arrogant people think that the rules do not apply to them And they live by their own set of rules. In fact, we heard it over and over during a world wide pandemic, “the rules apply to thee but not to me to me” from politician who disregarded mask mandates, stay at home orders, going to hair salons when others could not or holding parties when others were told not to. Situations like this have happened over and over in history, not always, but sometimes, those in power feel that they do not have to follow the rules others are held to. During Vietnam (and other wars through out history), people in power have been able to spare their sons from the front lines of wars.  Powerful and prominent families have also been been able to pull strings to get their kids into college they could not have, based on their academic abilities and put their kids at an advantage in other ways.  Unfortunately,  when people get used to getting through life like this, they get spoiled and forget how everyone else gets along.  Maybe their path has been easy, but they can forget the plight of the common citizen.  These individuals have not learned that their actions have consequences and that “Pride comes before the fall.”  Falsely being promoted in life without achieving the benchmarks others have held to is like kicking a can down the road.  Eventually it catches up to the individual and they are unable to handle the position or rank they have been promoted.  Failure and embarrassment are more likely to happen to these people.

Nancy Pelosi and Marie Antoinette, both characters who subscribed to the philosophy, "Rules for Thee and Not For Me."

    Those who care about these falsely propped up people are doing them absolutely NO favors whatsoever.  Achievement attained by hard work and effort is the absolute best reward and best way to EARN self-esteem.

A couple more characters who think the rules or laws don't apply to them...Their time may be running out or not and they make skate off scott free. Time will tell.

    Each one of us can benefit from Checks and Balances, as well as Family and friends who are honest with us and give us the truth when we ask their opinion.  Their wisdom and advice can save us from extra hassle, expense, embarrassment and sometimes hardship.  Those in positions of prominence and power who have have wisdom are usually the most successful leaders.  They are guided not merely by their own ego,  whims, or agenda buy by reason, careful reflection and taking into account the opinions of experts and trusted advisors.  An excellent resource of wisdom to manage one’s life is the Bible.  It is filled with descriptive illustrations of individuals who have been guided by wisdom and The Golden Rule, as well as examples of those who have not and experienced the consequences of their actions.  Proverbs is full of little says and examples of the importance of wisdom.

    In order to accept the suggestion or thoughts of others, usually there needs to be a good relationship between people and a good relationship is founded on mutual  respect.  When we respect one another, we treat them the way WE would want to be treated…And when we do, it makes for many days to say…

Wishing you a Great Day 🌼

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