What better way to get back on track and feel better than juicing?  After indulging in good but maybe heavy food, eating clean feels good and just what the doctor, or nutritionist ordered.  A nice green juice of Kale & apples or celery and apples.  Anything green balanced with apples, grapes, pineapple or pears sound good to me. 

     I remember the first juicer we bought.  It was a very good quality, Waring Juicer, with a citrus bowl as well as a hard fruit/vegetable capability.  It had a strong motor and sounded like a 747 taking off.  We had a new first baby and we were so into good nutrition,  On a winter Sunday evening, one of my brother-in-laws stopped over and we had just made a beautiful bright red pitcher of apple/beet juice. It was absolutely delicious!  The red delicious apples gave it a nice hint of sweetness while the beets gave the juice a nice thickness.  We had been making juice all weekend, trying different varieties and  blends.  We had ‘graduated’ up to beet juice.  The Hubby offered him a glass.  I honestly think he thought we had lost our minds.  He declined and watched in wonder as we each downed a glass.  That was nearly 31 years ago and three juicers later, we are still juicing.

Fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice, cocktails/mock-tails for 2

     What do I juice?  Lemons, oranges, apples, kale, carrots, celery, tomatoes, beets, cranberries, really, almost any fruit or vegetable, especially when I want to use up produce before it goes bad.  

     Why do I like juicing?  I like juicing because the taste is so good and sometimes, this is my little evening or Friday night cocktail.  The juice is best as soon as it is prepared, as it separates so we drink what is juiced on the spot, as that is when the nutrients are at their best.

     Isn’t there waste with juicing?  Well, sometimes, if one does not compost, but actually, some of the pulp can be used for cakes and muffins, like apple & carrots for an apple bread/muffins or carrot cake/muffins.  Kale and parsley, as well as other greens can be used to make a Tabbouli.  Anything else you are unable to think of a use for could be composed in a garden.

     Aren’t juicers expensive?  They can be, however, I would not invest in an expensive one unless I was sure that I would use one.  If you like fresh squeezed citrus fruits and want to make fresh lemonade, a $10 Kitchenaid Hand Juicer is a good way to start.  I purchased one from the kitchen section at Target.  This is adequate to see if you would use it.  Try a combination of  fresh oranges/tangerines/grapefruit and you will be blown away by the sweet/tart taste...YUM & for me, better than any alcoholic beverage out there.  Serve it in a pretty cocktail glass and you’ll be taken away to a “fancy  schmantzy” spa. 

     If you decide that yo’d like to upgrade, my FAV juicer is a Breville.  Ours is about 8 years old and still going strong.  It was an investment, but it is used so frequently, I can justify the cost.  To spend less, JUICE MAN makes a lesser expensive version that is mostly plastic, however, does a really great job at a fraction of the cost.  One could find one used on FB Marketplace or ask around and find a family member or friend who has one sitting in the closet, maybe a gift they never used.

     Are they messy?  I line the collection receptacle with a plastic bag for easy clean up, but they can be a bit of a mess.  I have my routine down and all parts are dishwasher safe, although I like hand washing.  Most juicers come with a nice stiff hand brush for an easy and through cleanup. If you feel the taste is worth it to you, you won’t mind the cleanup-I don’t think it’s any messier than using any other kitchen appliance.

Fresh squeezed clementine just for an afternoon “pick me up” 🍊

     My favorite combinations:

-apple/orange -orange/tangerine/grapefruit

            -apple/celery -cranberry /apple

            -apple/carrot -beet/apple

-kale/apple -lemonade w/Agave (Recipe also on website)

     My recipes?  I just use what I have on hand.  With the stronger vegetables use a fruit combination to make a bitter one taste more palatable (like beets & kale).  The best fruits to do this with would be apples, pineapple or grapes. I look for the fruits and vegetables on sale each week and I buy organic when ever possible.  With fruits I usually use equal parts of each however, once you start, you develop your own preference, kind of becoming a juicing mixologist /barista.

Celery/Apple with celery stalks for a garnish.

     It’s kind of fun and what else are you doing now anyway?  Could even be a theme for a Happy Hour with a few Friends, and who knows...it just might make for ...A Great Day 🍊