From what I have read, the Liquor industry in Ireland came up with the idea of an Irish Cream beverage, a Liqueur (a sweet, alcoholic drink) to blend two of the favorite flavors of the Emerald Isle, Whiskey and cream, to give their production a boost.  What they did was create a drink that could be enjoyed after dinner on the rocks, in coffee, to spike a milk shake or over ice cream.  It has become a winter  favorite and it is so easy to make at home. It takes little time to mix it up.  Pour it into pretty bottles, write the recipe along with a message on a note card, use a hole punch to tie a piece of ribbon or yarn and tie it on to the bottle.  Great gift or a nice treat to have on hand in the fridge where it will stay in the fridge for up to 6 weeks (include that on the gift card or label the bottle in your fridge..  Cheers! 

Ingredients out and ready to go.

Ingredients (makes 32 ounces)

1 can sweetened condensed milk (14 ounce can)

1 cup Irish Whiskey, I use Jamison

1 teaspoon Hershey coco powder

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 

1 teaspoon instant coffee granules

1 cup heavy cream

1 Tablespoon coconut ream (shaken)

You can find these bottles with the tops at Target , IKEA and other places that sell glassware.


☘️ In a blender combine condensed milk, whiskey, coco powder, vanilla and coffee for about a minute.

☘️ After the mixture is smooth, add the cream and cream of coconut. Pulse until combined.  Pour into clean bottle or container.  Shake before serving.  Will keep up to 6 weeks if refrigerated.  

☘️ *I made 2 recipes, hence the 2 bottles.