As a parent, it’s fun to bring learning home.  When our kiddos were little, it was fun to select a country and study it. With this week being St. Patrick Day, take this as an opportunity to teach your children about Ireland.  You may ask, “Where do I start?”  Here are some thoughts…

      1.  Begin with a map.  You can order one or pick one up at your local office supply store like Staples.  Get a world map and post it in a predominant place. A smaller one would fit on the fridge and tape it up with painters tape so as not to do any damage. Explain that Ireland is  part of the British Isles and it part of the continent of Europe. Discuss that it is surrounded by water and let children make observations as to what maybe part of their economy, from looking at a map (Fishing & Sailing).  Discuss what countries make up British Isles and capital cities. 

     2.    Look up and talk about the history of Ireland and how the other countries in the British Isles are part of that history. Bring up monumental events in the history of Ireland such as the potato famine or World War II. 

     3.   Teach kids what kind of government does Ireland and the British Isles have.  Who is the most recent person in charge. 

     4.   What is the predominant religion in Ireland?

     5.   Who are some well known people who are Irish and what do they do?

     6.   What are some interesting things that the people of Ireland are known for?

     7.   What are the main industries of Ireland?

     8.   What is the topography of the country?  Are there mountain ranges or significant bodies

           Of water in Ireland.

     9.   What are some well known foods of Ireland?

    10.  Are there significant holidays celebrated in Ireland (St. Patrick’s Day).

    11.  Consider watching some You Tube video on your country-Always watch the video first and and don’t let the video go too long if kids are bored. Select videos from reputable sources.  

Here is your lesson plan, you just “Copy and Paste” change the name of the country and next month you select a new country.  Maybe you organize your countries in regions, continents based on where you family is from or places you would like to eventually study or visit. Teaching kids to learn about other countries and cultures can give them a knowledge of world geography so that when they hear about a country, they have some background on that country.  These lessons may inspire more reading on their part, meals from the country studied, a future family trip or give kids (or yourself) possibly a broader view of the world they live in, leading to…More Great Days ahead 🍎