Summer is an ideal time to teach your kiddos some lessons outdoors. Just think of all the lessons you can teach kids about gardening.  Your could plant some seeds and let your kiddos water and care for the plants and see the results.  Vegetables are fun to grown and this lesson teaches kids the effort that goes into growing and harvesting produce.  Sunflowers are fun to watch grow-there are many varieties of sunflowers.  Also, teach which plants to stay away from.  Consider  a  lesson after dark  on the astronomy to show kids what is in the nighttime sky.  Get everyone ready for bed and then head out to the porch or patio and sit and enjoy the heavens  identifying what is seen in the sky.  It’s also a time to listen to the sounds at night.  Finally, enlist your kids for outdoor chores such as sweeping the front porch, patio and garage, weeding, etc.  They may complain at first, but teach them that everyone needs to help out around the house and they need to do their part.  Have your kiddos get outside, lay on a quilt and read, swing on a swing set, climb monkey bar, run in the grass in their bare feet and enjoy the sunshine.  Here’s just a start, I am sure you can thing of some more good summertime lessons to be taught…It’s a Great Day ☀️