There is a strategy to most things in life.  It takes having a strategy to win at Monopoly, playing sports, playing sports in high school and college, studying for a spelling test, getting a higher score on the ACT, SAT, DAT, MCAT or LSAT.  I am not talking breaking rules or living in the gray, it’s about knowing the rules and having a plan to succeed.  Using just as much strategy out in the real world as you do to get to the next level on the most popular video game can yield good results.  Talk about strategy with your kiddos about everything from taking on a chapter in Biology class, getting a part in the play, or obtaining that first summer or after-school job.  You have to know what your goals are and then walk each goal backwards with an intentional objective to make things happen.  Strategy, along with a good moral compass, a strong work ethic and some common sense can be part of a pathway to having as many doors open as possible and most likely a very bright future, leading to many Great Day 🍎 

Author, Mrs. Burau 🍎