It is very easy as a parent to get into the habit of doing things for your kids as they get older and really why wouldn’t we? When our children are babies we have to do everything for them. It’s important as a parent to adjust your expectations as they grow, with age appropriate tasks.  For example, even from a young age, children can be taught to fold wash cloths & towels, they can bring the garbage cans from around the house to a central kitchen garbage can, they can bring dirty clothes to the laundry room and sort cloths and flatware (when emptying the dishwasher).  

     When kids are younger, they embrace these tasks and most are glad to be helpers for mom or dad.  If you can make these jobs fun, even better.  This can be done by working to upbeat music or setting a timer.  Stress the importance of being part of a team to get jobs done around the house.  This will take some effort on your part, which at times may leave you feelIng like, “I can do this faster by myself, so I’ll just do it.”  I found myself saying that at times.  Try to resist that and take the time to teach the task showing kids what a quality job looks like.  Really the earlier you can do this the better, because once you have them on board, ‘you’ve got them.’  You are instilling a family philosophy and making this part of what your family does and it’s ’how you roll.  You live here, you get to reap the benefits of being part of the family and we all do our part.’ Be patient, realize that anything worth accomplishing takes time to achieve.  Stick with the goals you set and work towards them.  Be clear with your objectives, make lists of jobs if making written lists help, do it.  You’ll find your own management style in being the head of your household.  When tasks are age appropriate and reasonable, you’ll find the most success.  Remember, you are sowing seeds with big rewards both for your children and yourself, leading to many Great Days 🍎

Author, Mrs. Burau 🍎