As mentioned last week, notes and additional information to follow the recipe and method…


-zest from cleaned and dried tangerines (before peeling)

-9-10 tangerines (peeled and white pith membranes peeled off as much as possible)

-1 cup cream of coconut

-3 tablespoons agave syrup


  1. Wash and dry all tangerines and zest (remember, only zest top orange part, don’t go deep to white pith).
  2. Peel tangerines and remove as much of the white pith/membrane as possible. Separate in sections of a few pieces so that it’s easier that blending whole fruit.
  3. Place all tangerine pieces and zest in a large ziplock bag and freeze for about 2 hours, until a little frozen.
  4. Remove bag from freezer. Place in blender coconut cream, agave syrup, fruit and zest (i like to load blender, liquids first, followed by more dense ingredients, so as to make it easier on the blending process for the motor. Blend until smooth. Sample to see if mixture is sweet enough for you. if not, add an extra teaspoon or so of agave.
  5. Pour mixture into a container and freeze for about 2 hours. Remove container from freezer a few minutes prior to scooping into a bowl or cute glasses. Enjoy🍊

There is a trend in dessert to create healthy “dupes” of favorite higher caloric or overly sweet versions. Over the last few years, I have seen higher protein and low sugar versions of chocolate mousse, cheese cakes and ”ice creams.“I put in parenthesis “ice creams” because these really are not ice creams, because ice creams contain CREAM and these would be more comparable to an Italian Ice, American Ice Milk, or a low sugar sherbet or sorbet. speaking of sorbet, just look at the list of ingredients of a good quality sherbet purchased at your local grocery store…

As mentioned in the method, take sorbet out of freezer a few minutes before scooping out to serve to soften a little. If serving for an event, scoop in advance and place in paper or freezer safe bowls/cups and store in freezer. Other fruits could be substituted to try other flavors. This is the first post in a May monthlong series on healthy frozen desserts…You are in for a few weeks of delicious healthy dessert options on display…It’s a Great Day🍊

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