Today’s lesson is “talking to your kiddos about war.” Spare them the graphic details. Be honest without being too explicit and keep it simple. Keep them away from the TV. These scenes can be extremely disturbing and frightening to children giving them bad dreams. Answer only what they ask. This is an opportunity to introduce some geography with some map skills. You can pick up a little world map at Staples or order a world map placemat online.  (I used to put the kids vitamins on a different country every morning at breakfast to learn the countries-we did this after we learned the US States & Capitals). Learn about the countries involved, natural resources/land marks, etc.  When kids learn continents and countries in geography sometimes, the world doesn’t seem so large. 

blue, green, and yellow world map
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     Talking to your children about current events such as war, means that YOU need to be up on things in order to answer questions.  Do your research from accurate sources.  Introduce new vocabulary to them that they might hear and would not know the meaning of such as the The Middle East, the Iron Dome, mullahs/clerics, IDF (Israel’s army Israel Defense Force).  Explain to them that in each of the countries in conflict, there are children and families just like them who have no ill will.  They just want to get through their day like your family and that sometimes, bad people get into power who make poor decisions that do not represent many people in their country.  

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     Explain to your children that they can come to you with questions and that you are available to talk to them.  In terms of the current situation with Israel and Iraq, these conflicts sometimes have been going on for hundreds of years and there are some disputes are not easily resolved and they may be very complicated. Remember they may hear things at school or on the bus that may be of concern to them.  End any discussion on a light note with a prayer maybe saying something like, “How about we pray for the people and all the families involved?”  Do and then move on to something else, confirming that “You ask me any questions you would like, I am available to answer and if I don’t know something, we’ll get the answers.”  You are working towards instilling in your children that you may not know everything, but we will figure things out and when you are worried or have concerns, we talk about things and that sometimes makes us feel better, even when discussing the tough subjects in life.  Also, you are teaching your children not to generalize and that there are innocent children and people in harms way who may have nothing to do with the decisions made by those in power.  

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     Remember, “the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.”  YOU as parents are raising little people who will go out into the world.  You, as parents are your child’s eyes and and ears to the world, help shape that view in a way that will build a positive and well informed future.  They are depending on you, the world is depending on you to do your job.  Wishing you a terrific Tuesday  and a Great Day 🍎 

Author, Mrs. Burau 🍎