December is an interesting month.  In the best of time, it can be considered,  “The most wonderful time of the year,’ hence the song made popular by Andy Williams, and if you are going through tough times or this  time of year that reminds you of loved ones no longer here or sad events that took place at this time of year, it can be the opposite. 

Isn’t that the way life is though?  Your life is going well, you got the job you wanted, met the right person and then, an unexpected illness or accident happens and the joy you were just celebrating is now tainted.  Since that IS the way life is, there is nothing wrong with sharing with your children you feelings if you are having a tough day this time of year, or really anytime.  Of  course, you select your words wisely, make sure they are delivered in an age appropriate manner and try to be not too “gloom and doom.”  Rather than suffer in silence yourself or have your kids wondering why Mom or Dad or Grandpa or Grandma is sad or short fused, share with them your thoughts.  Sometimes, the adult, talking about the loved one or tough time, may actually be good for you to acknowledge. It may answer, for a child, something they have been wondering, if you have been overly quiet or somber or just not your usual self.  Hearing their perspective or response, that of an innocent child, may even make you feel better. Share why that person was significant in your life and what qualities you admired about them and maybe even pray for them. Consider following up the short conversation with a favorite story of yours, the child’s or the person you are missing or maybe a Christmas song or two to keep the moment light. 

Words of wisdom from Queen Elizabeth at the death of her husband, Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh.

To be able to feel sadness and sorrow is an honest human feeling.  It means we care and we feel love if we are sad when someone is no longer with us.  Remind yourself just how much you were Blessed to have that special person in your life and share that with the child.  Sometimes, it is when we go through these hardships in life that we are truly able to appreciate the happy and joyous times and what a blessing they are to us. Those treasured memories with our loved ones will always be with us and possibly making a tough day…A Great Day ❤️ 

Author, Mrs. Burau