🍎”KNOW YOUR FACTS & THE BASICS!”  The Scitino’s were well known in Sarasota.  Carmen, Mr. Scitino, took photos for IMG and Mrs. Scitino was a high school math teacher at IMG Academy (the sports training and educational school).  I often had conversations with Mrs. Scitino about teaching and  the need for kids to know their basic math facts.  She once told me that she would at times, get high school kids at IMG who didn’t know ‘cold’ the basic math facts.  She would impress the importance of knowing these.  Students would say, “I have a calculator on my phone.”  My response, was the same as her’s, “Well, what happens when you don’t have a calculator?!”so much in life is based on numbers and finances. There is absolutely NO good reason not to know these backwards and forwards. Eventually, students advance to algebra and geometry and these basic facts are used and there should be no second guessing when it comes to “is 7 x 9 63 0r 64?”
  Basic Facts, as well and reading and writing are NON-NEGOTIABLE” and kids need to know that.  You can help them by keeping flash cards in the car and quizzing them as you do things around the house or on the go.  Have them read to you as you prepare dinner, or fold clothes.  A journal is a good way to get in the habit of writing. The more someone writes, the better they get at it and this is true for everything else. When I taught, my students would start the day with 10-15 minutes of writing as I took attendance/morning business. They could write about anything they wanted to, and I had topic ideas if they needed help.  When kids have a good handle on the basics they can spring board from there. There is no reason NOT to have these down cold.  To have these skill down pat, can give a child a good sense of confidence. Set goals and maybe even establish rewards for bench marks.  These are easy skills to help your child learn and think of the successes mastering these skill will lead to and …Many Great Days 🍎 

Author, Mrs. Burau 🍎