Here is the third in this month long series on warm weather healthy desserts/snacks.  This one is from my daughter-in-law, Amanda, who is the mom of a soon to be three year old and a seven month old set of twins.  Amanda, likes being in the kitchen. She is excellent at meal prepping, kitchen organization and healthy meals and snacks for their family.  Toddler, Blair, gives her Mom’s healthy version of Chocolate “ICE CREAM” a thumbs up and it’s a tasty way to use up bananas when you happen to have plenty or too many on hand…Here you go!


     -2 frozen bananas

     -A splash of your preferred milk

     -1 scoop of chocolate protein powder

     -2 Tablespoons coconut powder

This is chocolate protein powder Amanda uses for her version of Chocolate Ice Cream. There are many good ones on the market.


     1.  Blend in a food processor, two frozen bananas and the splash of milk.

      2.  Add the protein powder and cocoa powder powder.

      3.  Serve.This will be the consistency of a Wendy’s frosty.  

      4.  If there is any left, store in an airtight container in the freezer.  

Author, Mary Yana Burau…”Yes, being in the kitchen is this much fun,” here making Sweet Tea, with Agave’ from my book, It’s a Great day To…Gather Around a Table.