Last week at the gym, Ascension Genesys Health Club, I saw on two separate occasions, parents participating in Group Fitness Classes WITH their children.  Now, the club, has a policy that kids need to earn a wrist band by going through some instruction on club protocol and rules so they are familiar and safe as they participate, all very appropriate and acceptable, so that kids can adequately  be part of an adult class, both behaving and understanding what’s involved.  The kids I saw had all been through the training and were well versed on all procedures.  Anyway, I witnessed a Mom in a Body Combat class with her boys and a Mom, who was an instructor in a dance fitness class and her daughter participating in class with other participants.  Two things I observed and liked, the Mom attending class was setting a good example for her boys that, “Mom must feel that exercise is

🍎Sports were all part of the journey into adulthood for our kids who all played numerous sports along the way and learned many valuable lessons that were useful as they grew older 🍎

important if she takes time out of her day to do it and she is setting a good example for the boys and taking the time to bring them and workout side by side with them.  The instructor who brought her daughter, set the same examples and also sent the message to her daughter, "I support you in your activities and now,  you have an opportunity to support your Mom in what she does." These kids are all very fortunate to have parents who are investing time in their kids fitness and health and spending quality time with them.  Who knows what kind of conversations will be sparked in the car rides to and from the gym when they have their kids to themselves away from peers and technology, maybe something totally unrelated to fitness or a concern the child may have on their heart and mind.  Kids will do what you do.  You set the example, no matter what the behavior, good or bad, and they will follow…”Monkey see, Monkey do.”

🍎Play along side them and teach them to be tough. It starts when they are little🍎

    On a separate note, with kids starting school this week, it’s a tough week for parents.  Maybe your child is going to preschool for the first time, or riding the bus for the first time, maybe driving to school for the first time or heading off to college or their first real job.  I remember when Sasha was in pre-school and I was driving her, I thought, “my daughter will NEVER ride a school bus, I will always drive her to school.”  Well, when time came for kindergarten and I had a 2 year old who was still napping at the time of dismissal, there was no way that I could or would interrupt him sleeping to run up to school to collect her.  So she rode the bus.  At the time,  I also couldn’t imagine a day when my kids would drive to high school, let alone with a younger sibling in the car, but that day came and off they went.  Same for college, just couldn’t imagine our little Sasha, little Alex or little Zach leaving our safe and

🍎They'll like what you like and let them know that "this is what OUR family does." Be direct and firm and it will be your Family's "Modus Operandi" (a Latin phrase for this is the mode/manner in which we operate." 🍎

comfortable home.  You see, you prepare your children for these monumental moments with the little steps toward independence along the way.  If we do our jobs well, we work our way out of a job, so to speak.  Would you really WANT them to be at home, your home, when it’s time for them to launch into their own life?  I think not.  Do your job well and they are ready to leave the nest, all in due time in little steps along the way. Celebrate these little milestones as you go, as if this is just what the progression of life is because that’s the way it is all supposed to work.  Give yourselves little pats on the back here and there and see them progressing on and having success.  Of course with a "NOT a trophy for everyone" attitude, but praising them when they achieve and being honest with them when you see they need to bump up their game or they could use some help.  It’s all part of the growing process and the circle of life.  Take the good with the bad and teach your kids that they won’t always win, but sometimes the gift of failure, teaches them to learn from their mistakes and losses.  We do that more often when we loose than when we win or have success sometimes, not focusing on what we did right to get the win.  Let them know that you’ll be there for them win or loose and be there to watch them play as much as you can, so you know where their strengths and weaknesses lie, and where they can improve.  Wishing you many great days ahead to enjoy the journey with your children…

Mrs. Burau

🍎Teach your children how to do the activities YOU like to do they'll have the skills to do them and you can do them together as they grow into adults. You can only sit around and talk for so long. It's like to do something together 🍎