What a year!!  Right?  And you know what?  You all have made the best of it and you are to be commended for that.  However, let’s not focus on that.  It’s not been ideal, but there was no other choice.  I do not like this expression, but, “It is what it is.”  So, what do you do with this experience?  You have two choices:   1). You can be a victim and go through life feeling sorry for yourself for having to go through     this all as your last year of high school, missing out on high school sports, school dances, in person learning and all while wearing a mask. Or   2). You can look back over this last year and say to yourself, “What can I learn from this unexpected calamity of a year that will make me a better, smarter and mentally stronger adult?  I don’t know about you, but I would choose option 2 and I’ll tell you why.

  1. The importance of taking care of your health by washing your hands, getting your sleep, eating right and exercising.  The last year has proven that a healthy body is more likely to survive a hit.  No only COVID-19, but any hit.
  2. The importance of Family.  You had the opportunity to spend lots of quality time with your parents and siblings.  I’m sure there were times you may have gotten on one another’s nerves, but I do think when you look back on this,  it will have been time we’ll spent with those you love, before you venture off onto the next chapter in your life.  This is time you will never get back and I’m sure there were many memorable moments and valuable lessons.  
  3. The importance of sitting around a dinner table together as a Family.  And wasn’t it nice?  I wrote an entire book on this subject called, “It’s a Great Day To...Gather Around a Table.”  Maybe you learned how to cook, plan a meal and other skills you may not have learned otherwise.
  4. Maybe you learned to value things you took for granted prior to the pandemic, like attending a worship service in person, a holiday with grandparents and extended Family, high school sports, actually going to school in person for a full day-five days a week, a Family vacation, or a school dance, a professional sporting event or concert.  Although some of these experiences you will not get a “re-do” on, those others, you will have a new appreciation for.
  5. With the internet & Zoom, the world is much more accessible for you.
  6. “Necessity is the mother of invention”...Wouldn’t you have loved to have come up with the idea of those big stickers that instruct people to stay 6 feet apart?
  7. Lastly, and probably most importantly, you have seen, most likely, the biggest metamorphosis  our country has ever seen in so many ways and it has cumulated and brought our country to a very delicate tipping point, more so than ever, in my opinion, in our country’s  245 year history.  Everything from history, to morals to financials, to economics to politics is up for grabs now.  It’s not for me or anyone else to tell you how to live your life, However, it is up to YOU to ask yourself, “WHAT KIND OF COUNTRY DO YOU WANT TO LIVE IN?”  “HOW DO YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO LIVE YOUR  LIFE?”  My advice to you is to remember that there is good and evil in this world.  ALWAYS seek GOOD.  You do this by EDUCATING YOURSELF.  Don’t believe everything you hear.  Check your sources, trust but verify.  Choose your friends wisely and seek the wisdom of your parents, grandparents and those you respect and honor.  No matter what happens in your life or in this world, right is always right and wrong is always wrong.  Hard work ALWAYS pays off. Be willing to pay your dues and take pride in a good days work...Congratulations Guys and Gals...It’s a Great Day 🎓