Over the weekend, we were reminiscing about The Buick Open which was played at Warwick Hills Golf & Country Club here in Grand Blanc, Michigan.  The Tournament had a long history in Grand and at Warwick.  Each year, the activities around the tournament seemed to grow each year and the community looked forward to it with many local charities benefiting from it.  It drew big names over the years, like Payne Stewart, John Daly, Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh and all the other big names.    Maybe you volunteered, maybe you were there and you talked to one of the pros or you remembered going and hanging out with your Friends.  Just Great Memories.  For a few years, we hosted a party the Wednesday during the week of the tournament.  It was fun.  Everyone dressed up, I made all the food, the music was interesting, our kiddos worked and I can confidentally say that “a good time was had by all.”   Well, the tournament left, years went by and almost two years ago, we were at the Big and Rich concert during the first Ally Senior Tournament in Grand Blanc, at Warwick.  A gal came up to me who I had not seen in a while. She had been a guest at one of our Summer Parties the week of the Buick Open and she said to me, “That Salsa from your party.  It was so good.  I haven’t seen you in years and I remember your Mango Salsa”. I loved that!!

    For a few years, anytime I got invited to a summer party or an event and I was asked to bring something, that was what I was either asked to bring or that’s just what I offered to bring.  What’s your thing?  Think about that.  Keep what you need on hand, if possible, or as many of the ingredients as you can so it’s easy to put a dish together to either whip up for your own Happy Hour or to take somewhere.  It’s fun to be know for “your dish.”  I have Friends who are known by their Scotcheroos, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Fruit Platter…you get the idea.

    You’ll like this Salsa.  If you are unable to find mangos, use peaches, nectarines or apricots.  I like lots of Cilantro.  Always be careful when handling jalapeño peppers.  The first time I made Chili as a young wife, I touched my eye after finely chopping the fresh jalapeño and added it to the stockpot.  It was sooooo horrible.  Just be careful. Using gloves is a good idea too.  If you don’t have a fresh pepper, you could add some pepper flakes.  I DO like freshly squeezed lime juice and it does make a difference. Keep your FAV corn chips on hand.  If you don’t have one,  try a few different ones and find your FAV to keep on hand at all times.

    Salsas can be served alone with just corn chips, used with Nachos, Tacos or served along side salmon, cod or chicken…lots of nice possibilities…

-1 Mango, peeled, pit taken out and finely chopped

-2 kiwis peeled and chopped

-Chop two cups of mini tomatoes (assorted colors if possible)
-1/8 teaspoon very finely diced jalapeño or desired amount

-1 purple onion

-1 bunch Cilantro washed, stems removed, trimmed up and chopped

-2 limes juiced

—sea or kosher salt to taste

Add all chopped vegetables and place in a large ceramic bowl.  gently stir to blend all flavors.  Pour lime juice over the bowl, cover for a couple of hours.    Sample when ready with a small spoon and season accordingly. serve with your FAV chips The salsa will keep in the fridge for about a week… if there is any left…It’s a Great Day!