Does anything get more basic when considering a summer salad with mayonnaise  than “Egg Salad”?  I think not.  Sometimes, it’s those “Basics” that we forget to consider when thinking of something good to have on hand, especially in the summer and the warmer months. This is also a dish to consider if you have house guest.  It’s basic, simple and it’s a classic.  It is good served on a plate alone or on good bread as a sandwich.  Add fresh fruit to accompany and a nice chilled beverage like an ice tea or lemonade (my favorite versions of those two drinks are made with agave to sweeten, from my book) and you have something quite special without much time and minimal effort, it will well be well your while.

    I like the regular way to boil eggs in a pot of water.  Over the past few months I have seen a newer method (or new to me) of cooking the eggs in the oven, as you would bake custard (also in my book-the custard) in a hot water bath-see picture collage of 4 pictures.  When I made the recipe with the eggs cooked using this method, the eggs turned out a little rubbery and not as soft as the traditional boiling method.  Possibly, I baked them too long, however,   cooking instructions listed were followed.

    Just remember, if you are serving this on an buffet, do not leave anything made with mayonnaise out for very long in the warm weather.  This salad is best served chilled.


8 eggs boiled, cooled, peeled and cut/chop into cubes

1/4 cup minced white onions

1/2 (or more if desired) cup of fresh parsley chopped

1/4 cup bread and butter pickles chopped


1/4 -1/2 cup (or desired amount) of Mayonnaise

2 Tablespoons Dijon mustard

1/4 teaspoon fresh dill (1/8 teaspoon if using dried)

Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Place chopped eggs, minced onions, chopped parsley and pickles in a larger mixing bowl and stir.
  2. Blend all dressing ingredients in a mixing cup and add desired amount to salad, adding just a little at a time as not to over dress the salad.  You can alway add more, however,  you cannot take it out.
  3. Store salad (and any left over dressing in the fridge) in a covered container.