Summer beverages.  I have no proof of this whatsoever, however, my prediction is that there are many more mixed drinks with a warm weather sort of them, as opposed to cold weather versions, as in a Hot Tottie.  Maybe it’s because in warmer weather, it’s easier to have more fun.  We don’t have to put on heavy coats to go out, many people are more relaxed when they are chilling by a pool, on a beach or on the  patio.  No matter the reason, it is fun to sip something cool, alcoholic or without, whilst relaxing with good company.  think about enjoying a nice chilled beverage with your special person or a small group either for a happy hour, or even after dinner.  Just getting the dishes cleared and get out to the patio for some good conversation and a special drink.

The Hubby and I at the Soggy Dollar Bar. No longer do they have the wheel with the clip on it, mentioned, but they do have a little line with clips on it, visible just about the Soggy Dollar tip jar, right behind Brad, and below his hat. 

     Consider a drink is from the Caribbean, notably, Jost Van Dyke, a small island, named after the Dutch Pirate, Jost VanDyke, who was thought to have a hide out on the island.   Jost is part of the British West Indies, not far from Tortola, where boats/yachts dock in White Bay Harbor.  The Painkiller was  originally made famous at the Soggy Dollar Bar.  The bar is called the Soggy Dollar Bar because there is no dock, so you have to swim in to shore or come in on a Zodiac.  Of course, if your wallet is in your back pocket, it’s going to get wet/soggy, so you’ll hand the bartender a wet bill to pay for your drink, so that’s where you get the, the Soggy Dollar Bar.  the first time we were there about 20 years ago, they had one of those wheels with clips that they used to put kitchen tickets on in the coney islands and that’s how the bartender would dry the bills.

    I had my first one the December the Hubby turned 40.  We were there with friends.  When we reached the bar, the bartender asked me “Are you Mary Yana?”  I responded yes and he gave me a drink.  I was a bit disappointed because I really wanted to order a  Pina Colada, but of course I said thanks and took a sip.  I thought to myself, this is really too strong, I can’t possibly drink this.  The friend who ordered the drink asked me what a I thought.  ‘Oh it’s good, just a little stronger  that my usual, but “when in Rome-or Jost.”  After a couple more sips, when the flavors melded together and all I could really taste was the creamy coconut and fruit flavors I said to my husband, “You know, this is pretty good, I think I’ll order another when I’m done with this one,” hence, THE PAIN KILLER!  Now, every time we are on Jost, we look forward to sipping a Pain Killer while we wade in the beautiful water, observing the scene. By 11 am the tiny bay is filled with craft and fun seekers either on private or hired watercraft.  Whether you choose to  drink with alcohol or now, the flavor of a Painkiller  says  fun, sun and warmth.  Here you go!

We hiked from one side of the small island to the other. White Bay is in the background and that is where the Soggy Dollar Bar is. 

The Painkiller Recipe

2 ounces Pusser’s Rum (a dark rum)

4 ounces pineapple juice

1 ounce orange juice

1 ounce cream of coconut

Garnish with grated fresh nutmeg (or what you have on hand)

A slice of pineapple on the side of the cup/glass is a nice touch.


1.  Place all ingredients (except for nutmeg and pineapple slice) in a        cocktail shaker, along with some ice and shake.  If you happen NOT to have a shaker on hand, mix in a glass, just be sure to stir adequately.

2.  Pour into cocktail glasses filled with ice. Garnish with the grated       nutmeg and add the slice of pineapple to the side of the glass

3.  For a mock-tail, just omit the rum.

Our Painkillers waiting for us to indulge.