With Easter coming up this weekend, you may be looking for a simple dessert or something refreshing as a treat to have on hand for company or family on hand. Look no further, here you go…LEMON POSSET.  The British have the cutest names for many of their desserts....Raspberry Fool, English Trifle, Knickerbocker Glory, Syllabub, Eton Mess, Treacle Tart and Lemon Posset to name just a few.  LEMON POSSET, was originally  a hot drink made with heated milk & wine.  The ‘posset,’ or ‘pot’ refers to the vessel that holds the drink or dessert.  In the sixteenth century the possets were made with citrus juice, cream and sugar boiled in a pot and left to set  and thicken.  Think of the Duncan’s  guards’  “Possets” that Lady MacBeth spiked to drug them in Shakespeare’s Macbeth...your cooking history lesson today....Well, here is the recipe for this simple sweet concoction....enjoy 🍋   

Lemon Possets on a shelf in the fridge waiting to be enjoyed 🍋


🍋 2 cups whipping cream

🍋 2/3 cup sugar

🍋 5 Tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice

🍋 zest of two lemons


  1. Heat whipping cream and sugar to boiling, whisking constantly and lowering the heat when necessary to control it from boiling over.  Once it starts to boil, set timer for about 5 minutes.  
  2. Turn off or remove from the heat and stir in lemon juice and zest.  Now let the mixture cool for about 15 minutes.
  3. Have 4 ramekins or assorted jam jars ready to pour the mixture after the 15 minute setting time.
  4. refrigerate for at least two hours, until set.  Top with fresh fruit or unsweetened whipping cream.
Absolutely delicious 🍋