Jealousy, unchecked can lead to a variety of problems.  It can start between siblings at an early age and grow from there. Jealousy is present in many of the stories in  the Bible.  Think Cain and Able, Joseph and his brothers and Isaac and Rebekah’s sons Jacob and Esau.  Shakespeare referred to  jealousy as “green with jealousy” both in The Merchant of Venice and then again in Othello, where he went one step further to even refer to it as “the green eyed monster”.  It was common in England, during the Renaissance period to attach a color to an emotion.  Social Media is a ripe situation for jealousy unchecked. Nip it in the bud when you see.  A friend who had older children, when we were raising our children, once told me, “Mary Yana, it is easier for someone to be there for you when life is tough and one is struggling.  It is a TRUE friend who is genuinely happy for you when you celebrate the good things in life.”  As parents, of course, we teach our children to include someone who is by themself at the lunch table, at the bus stop or on the playground.  Teach your children also, to be happy for their friends when they have success or goodness in THEIR lives as well, like when they make the school play, break a school swim team record,  get in to the college of their choice or get to go to Disney World.  Envy is a very unflattering emotion.  It looks good on no one and it can cause friction in relationships.    Speak positively of those in your communities who have achieved hard earned successes, in your home and around the dinner table and your children will follow suit.  I know people who would send clippings from the newspaper of friends’ successes along with a little note like, “Congratulations on the great season,” or “Nice performance in the high school musical.”  When ANYONE in our communities has success it’s a good thing and reason to celebrate.  Those successes make our community a better place and inspire others to do well.   Not letting the Green Eyed Monster make an appearance in your home could make for many…Great Days💚

Mrs. Burau