If you think what happened in Israel this week has no impact on you and your life, think again.  Whether you travel abroad or don’t leave your small home community, the attack that started on Saturday morning, could happen here today.  With no secure border or screening of every person coming into our country, we are nothing more than sitting ducks…

     I knew a gal in high school who had parents who had divorced when she was a small child. She was an only child and her parents had married later than most of their contemporaries at the time.  Both were professionals and good standing members in the community. Once they divorced, her mother took primarily all of the parenting responsibilities and she saw very little of her father.  I remember before she took off out of state for college, she told some friends and I that she had seen her father for dinner and she probably would not see much of him probably until after she graduated college.  Fast forward to a few years later, she is out working and her father dies. When she comes back for the funeral, many people came and told her what a wonderful man her father had been and what a kind and generous man he was.  She heard stories she had never heard before about her him and his family extended family.  She was very sad to have not gotten to know her dad. She had only known what her mother had told her or neglected to…

Example of Dan Goldman representative from NYC

Palestinian citizen are all not Hamas.

     There were numerous ways this essay could have started.  The young lady mentioned in the example did not have the opportunity to adequately get to know her father.  Her mother had either told her untruths about her father or neglected to allow her daughter to get to know him and make decisions for herself.  What a sad situation on so many fronts.  The young lady, only knew what her mother had told her and was unable to make her own observations and assessments.  

     Saturday morning most of us awoke to the news that Israel was under attack.  Chatter had been brewing that ‘something’ would happen, but haven’t we heard that over and over again.  Since September 11, 2001 when so much changed and interestingly, Osama Bin Laden was being watched by American intelligence and as of June 7, 1999 he was on the list of ten most wanted fugitives and was the mastermind behind the tragic attacks on September 11, 2001.  Last weekend’s attack seemed to come as a surprise to both Israel and American intelligence. How they could have planned such horrific and large of an assault is very surprising.  To get through weapons, dig tunnels get messages within the Israeli boarder, to many is a mystery, as we think of Israel of a secure country with many checkpoints and it is a commonality to see armed soldiers throughout Israel mingling with the population, especially in larger towns and cities.  The attacks on children, women and elderly are unbelievable.  To go after civilians while they are sleeping, or enjoying a concert when they least expect it is an act of cowardly barbarism.  To attack unarmed unsuspecting civilians is nothing less than monstrous behavior.  I have referred to these men as animals during the week, but I think that it is too nice of a description.  They are nothing more than blood hungry savages. When you see the images of what they did, what was left or video of some of the scenes, it is hard to believe you are not watching a fictional horror movie.  I saw an interview with a twenty-seven year old Israeli young man, Guy Danon, who survived the gun fire at the concert by hiding within some bushes with a couple of friends.  They took cell phone video of some of the attack.  Guy described the terrorists as laughing with glee at their acts of reckless bloody carnage.  Another interview I watched was with a man who saw two of the Hamas terrorists walking up to his house and he opened fire against them, they shot back and he responded with more bullets, hitting them but they kept running.  Interesting that when met with fire, they ran like scared cowards.  Apparently they can dish it out to unarmed victims, but they can take an opponent on face to face.  As hard as it is to watch what they did, you should see some of what happened, even if it is just the destruction and blood following the attacks.  There is plenty to see as these heathens took the time to film some of their evil escapades and even at times went a step further to send the video to victims families.  How stupid they are to have done that as that video now gives the world and the Israeli army a picture of who these bastards are. The world surly needs to know how bad it is to see the why Israel is reacting.  Arab and Muslim communities and states around the world are telling the contrary.  In fact, they are blaming Israel for the atrocities with some saying that the Hamas terrorist group was left with no other option.  Most of the world describe Hamas as a terrorist organization that has been around for about three decades and their mission is to destroy Israel, kill Jews and to create a Palestinian state.  It was back in 1948 that Israel became a Jewish state.  Later, Palestinians were given the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and at a later time, Jews were actually removed from these Palestinian territories to Jewish areas of Israel as well as graves of their deceased family members.  A few years back when elections were held in the Palestinian regions, Hamas leaders were elected and put in control. They voted for this leadership. There probably are some good people left in Gaza. Maybe elderly people who have no children or extended family to get them out, who have to depend on Hamas for food and the necessities of life. Those very unfortunate Palestinians may Very well become human shields like the hostages taken or end up as damage once the war wages on and that is unfortunate. Just last night as warnings were sent out on cell phones to get out, Hamas was telling citizens in Gaza that it was propaganda from Israel. The people only know what they are told. This is the abbreviated version of a long history of back and forth.  In much of the Palestinian areas, Jews are hated.  It starts at an early age with children exposed to cartoons and textbooks that hammer hard this message.  As children grow up being told that the Jews are bad, of course they will have these feelings towards their country end and neighbors.  Like the young lady from my hight school, children aren’t free to make their own observations.  Within the areas of Palestinian settlements where Hamas is in charge, there is chaos.  Sewage systems are a-rye with pipes being used as materials to manufacture missiles.  There is a maze of tunnels under Gaza that is hundreds of miles long used to smuggle in weapons among other reasons.  They have used resources that should have gone to their citizens to fund their cause of terrorism.  Humanitarian aid  from other countries has been used for wrong doing.  These are but a few of the facts present in this situation.  It is important to understand the history of the region.  These feeling of hatred are deep seated and go back generations.  In countries where there is little development and progression, families stay in the same towns and areas for generations.  It is foreign for them to consider moving to where there is a better life.  In most western countries, people do that.  To ancient cities and communities, there is little industrialization and for family members to ‘leave the fold’ so to speak, is just not what people do.  Families remain in the same home and community for generations and generations.  For these individuals, maybe it just easier to consider themselves a victim rather than making the effort to move where they can make a better life. Since the attacks last weekend, the Israeli army has declared war on Hamas.  They have sent notification into the Palestinian Gaza Strip that any civilians who want to leave is welcome before strikes start.  They warnings have been sounded and notifications sent to cell phones and by other means.  This conflict will be long as the Israelis take on the Islamic terrorists.  They have dealt with this for decades and it has come to a head.  The leader of Hamas have threatened to unleash their evil on not only Israel but as of this week, they have admitted that their boundaries are limitless.  The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has a goal not to wipe out the Gaza Strip but to wipe out Hamas.  

     As bad as it was, what is almost as surprising is the lack of complete support from around the world  and communal agreement that this is nothing less than evil that needs to be dealt with.  To see the college student at a few institutions supporting the terrorists responsible for this is unbelievable.  Seeing the demonstrations on college campuses this week, reminded me of those communities around the world where there were celebrations at the attacks on September 11 back in 2001 in the United States. How can they see what we all see that has happened in Israel this week and see nothing less than pure evil?  Is it that they have been taught otherwise?  Interestingly, there are Israelis who have duel citizenship or who just happened to be in the US who have gotten on planes to go to Israel to serve.  I wonder if these supporters of Hamas here in the US and those students on college campuses would be willing to do the same?  Are there any chartered planes waiting to take them to help out Hamas in Gaza with their cause?  I haven’t heard.  Do these people know what’s really going on? Do they know the mission of Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in this cause?  Where do these college  students get their information from?  Are the colleges that they attend promoting this attitude?  Wall Street and CEOs of big companies are taking notice of the students promoting this anti-American attitude.  Mark Rowan is calling for the administrator of the University of Pennsylvania to resign and for fellow alumni donors to stop funding the school.  Other CEOs are requesting the list of students from Harvard who signed an anti-Israel statement, so they know who NOT to hire. Again, let  THEM go fight with the savages, maybe take a little internship or be part of a ‘shadow a savage’ program for study abroad.  If they do return alive, my prediction is that they will kiss the ground of the United States.  The country that they curse, where they live free to disagree and peacefully protest as they wish is one that allows for freedoms for women and homosexuals whereas they are unimaginable freedoms in Muslim communities.  

     This is the state of Israel today.  It’s bad.  For some, it may be hard to imagine this horror coming here.  However, when you see our open borders and millions of people crossing it, what happened in Israel this past weekend is very much a possibility here.  Some coming across our border may be fleeing their homelands for a better life.  However, let’s say just a small percent is here to create terror.  That’s still a large number when one considers just how many are coming into our country unaccounted for. Border authorities have found some on the terrorist watch list, imagine how many got through and are here already. Just yesterday, I saw a video on Instagram of a boat full of men from mid-eastern countries coming ashore near Jupiter, Florida.  the world sees that our border is porous.  If someone wishes to inflict harm or terror on our homeland, now is the time to do it.  Many of these undocumented immigrants have been transported across the country, given phones and resources our own citizens have a hard time acquiring.  When one sees the security in Israel the numerous checkout at each border crossing and port and even so, Hamas was able to get in and inflict terror.  Just imagine how many terrorist or people up to no good have already been able to make it in to this country.  American and Israeli intelligence were unable to intercept the plan this past weekend. Let’s just hope they haven’t missed warning signals  of imminent threats and plots on our homeland.  

     There are no good things that have or will come out of the evil that unfolded this past weekend in Israel.  But, the terror maybe has made people around the world wake up to the very clear and present danger of the evil staring the world in the face.  The terrorists are thumbing their noses at the civilized world. This is a war of good vs. evil.  It’s that simple.  Every citizen of the world needs to ask themself what side are they on; the side of good or evil. This is not a political thing, a national issue of us vs. them, democrat or republican conflict. What side are you on?  You better educate yourself on what is going on.  Don’t take my word as to what’s going on.  Read or watch,listen and pray.  Pay attention to what your children are learning and know.  Be willing to ask question and keep those in harms way in your prayers.  It’s heavy and it’s depressing to consider what is going on.  Be aware and be wise.  This war on evil has been brewing and now it is at the forefront.  Our military and the military of Israel have the capability to take on this evil if they are unleashed to do their job.  Let’s pray for leaders who are qualified to lead and make wise decision that will affect us all.  Be cautious, not fearful because if we are fearful, the terrorist have accomplished part of their mission.  It could be easy to get emotionally down over all of this but don’t let it do that to you. I have tried to put my energy toward doing things for others and staying busy. If you have family or friends who are willing to talk about what’s going on, and it helps engage. Respect those who feel uncomfortable talking as everyone deals with tragedy in their own way. Terrorist hope to terrorize. Don’t give them the satisfaction of thinking they have taken the joy in our lives. Judeo-Christian values have done much good in the development of our civilization world, in fact, it was these principals that the United States of America was founded on to establish a land that insures the freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, God given rights. There is a lot to be said for people who are raised with a knowledge and fear of God and consequences for their actions and an understanding and respect for the Ten Commandments and The Golden Rule. The war Israel, and possibly the world, faces is an attack on freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As popular radio commentator, Dan Bongino says, “Cutesy time is over.” The enemy is evil and wishes to take those values we hold is high regard from us. It IS a difficult time we are living in and if enough of the world gets behind the Good to extinguish the evil, the good WILL prevail. Wishing you a Great Day ❤️