It was October 2of and we were traveling with friends to southern Florida to embark on a cruise ship with another couple, Chief Friends then and now. About three weeks earlier the United States had been attacked on september 11.  This was our first time flying since the attack with the new TSA rules and procedures. I clearly remember going  through the security lines having to open bags, being called out of line for a random search.  When you , you get comfortable with delays and learn to roll with cancellations and other minor inconveniences. The policies were noticeable to me buy my attitude was, as long as we’re safe, I’m ok with what needs to be done.  What I observed though was the restlessness in many of the other travelers around us.  These newly hired employees were embarking on a new segment of government airport security sort of making it up as they went along.  Official government photo ID? Food? Water? Shoes off?  What about pacemakers and artificial joints? People started taking it out on the agents while they waited in the long lines.  No more would showing up at the airport in less than than two hours prior to flight time. Arriving two hours before the flight would become the routine.  It started to get uncomfortable seeing these complaining impatient people being disrespectful to these people just trying to do their job.  As they singled me out and asked me to step aside, my response was something like, “What ever it is you need to do to keep us safe, I’m good with it,” and I meant it, having my bag, check my watch I don’t care, as I have nothing to hide.  When the agent was complete with the search I said, “they act like it’s YOUR fault all this is necessary.  You guys need a sign that says, “THANK THE TERRORISTS.”  Her reply, “You’re right.”  In the days after the attacks on September 11, 2001, whether these policies were already in the work or whether they prompted a change in airport security and immigration security, I don’t know, but things most  definitely changed.  It appeared as if governmental officials actually made an effort to know who was traveling in this country and who was coming in…

Curtis Sliwa and his Guardian Angels organization has taken to Times Square and other areas of high crime in NYC where unleashed illegals have taken to pick pocketing and attacking Police Officers and everyday citizens to create a presence of security. NYC needs all the help it can get right now.

     So what the heck happened?  Yes, if you are a resident of the United States you still have to show your official photo government I.D. If you are a citizen of this country and you break the law speeding or doing anything else, you’ll get a ticket or get taken in.  However, if you break the law, and illegally come across our border, the laws don’t apply to you.  Just this week, video has been played all over of illegal immigrants beating up New York City Police Officers.  These thugs were taken in and released to be able to go cause more problems.  The officers who no longer carry billy clubs were not able to defend themselves.  Curtis Sliwa and his Guardian Angels have taken to the streets to support the NYC Police Officers, since the Mayor, Eric Adams certainly has tied one hand behind their back to do their job. And better yet, our United States legislative branch of government’s answer rather than to permanently SHUT the border to just allow a limited number of illegal immigrants, each month to come in.  So actually write  into law that it is legal NOT to follow the laws of this country?  And…..just yesterday, there was a recording released of a United States Government official at the Atlanta Airport admitting that some of  these illegals are being funneled as part an international human trafficking network.  What?!!  Kids being shut out of their schools in big cities so that the schools can be used to house illegals coming across the border.  In a neighborhood in Chicago a medical clinic was closed that had been utilized by nearby residents who couldn’t get to the hospital further away.  This clinic was appreciated by young moms for their children and the elderly who weren’t comfortable riding the bus or had no other means of transportation. The clinic is no longer accessible to these American citizens who need medical care, but is being used exclusively to house these illegals.  What?! What if that was you, your parents or your daughter and grandchildren?  Not right!

person standing on rocky shore during daytime
Photo by Astrid Schaffner / Unsplash All it took was one smooth stone from the slingshot of David, the shepherd boy to put out Goliath.

          Corruption, power, behind the scenes wheeling and dealing is nothing new to government.  Power is a very dangerous thing.  Look at civilizations that have fallen through out history.  Unchecked power is not a good thing. Many times it SEEMS as if these evil corrupt people get by with it and sometimes, they do.  You could call them the Goliaths, in reference to the story of the giant in the Bible who was taken down by David, the shepherd boy.  Recently, I heard Dr. Bret Weinstein, University of Michigan alum and former professor at Evergreen State University in a Tucker Carlson interview discuss this reference and bring up some of these issues…

Dr. Bret Weinstein’s thoughts on betting against the Goliaths is interesting…Time will tell.

          It’s the story of the ages.  The Big Bad enemy, up to no good, many times, just up to evil.  It may seem that they win in the short term, they may have the power or the money.  They may be able to swallow up the little guy in a single gulp.  it may seem impossible that the little guy has a chance. You can’t fight city hall, you may not have the money to pay for legal representation to take the big guy on so you give up, or maybe you cannot absorb the hit to your reputation or the thought of putting your family through false allegations so you walk away.  Or more seriously, those in power can make things happen or rather, never happen or make things hard on YOU.  Look at mysterious deaths that have occurred in Washington, suspicious suicides, car accidents or other unexplainable tragedies. Who want to tangle with the the Devil?  You only have one life on this earth, as does you family and do you really want to get involved when you could just fly under the radar?  I don’t know.

     What the last twenty five or so years or so have taught us is that truth is stranger than fiction, money does talk and someone can be cancelled in an instant if they don’t watch their mouth, their social media or who has a camera in hand.  Those running the country don’t necessarily have the best interest of the American people and they forget that THEY WORK FOR US. Power does corrupt people.  And, there are people out there, living within our borders, hell bent on ruining our country. 

     Trying times, and difficult situations force people to choose if they are on the side of good or evil.  Each year or recently, month, sometimes each week or day, things get more and more crazy.  Twenty years ago, if you heard about thousands of people invading our border, you’d be shocked and now, this goes on every single day and the agents who protect the border are told by the Federal government to do nothing.  Some of those who come to the borders are here to make a better life for themselves or their families.  However, a big part of border crisis involves drugs coming across the border, people being held hostage by the cartels, and undocumented individual some good and some bad from who knows where and what their motives are.   Illegals are being placed on airplanes along with the regular American citizens who had to show ID and buy a ticket, flown all over the country.  Why?  And being eligible for health care, housing food education.  What’s going on?

     I could go on and on, on the corruption all over, the paying of people or tax credit to reward people to work less or not at all.  Those who speak out on the immigration, the economy, trying to get our country on track fiscally or question the origins and legitimacy of COVID-shut downs or mandated vaccines as conspiracy theorists or individuals to be cancelled or called out as part of the dark web of people  to be silenced by the media or people to be mocked.  Incidentally, on the issue of  COVID, no doubt it was real, and was a risk to compromised members of the population and for some, vaccines may have been a good thing, however, to shut down a society, keep children out of school and make blanket policy that was not necessary for EVERY CITIZEN is what is questionable. 

     What is the most interesting thing to me about the biggest problems we face as a country is that they are self inflicted wounds.  Close the border and allow NO illegals into the country. If the law is that you have to follow protocol and rules to enter the country, then crossing without following the rules set in place is breaking the law and anyone should experience consequences and set back to where they came from. If armed guards were stationed across our border or in manned water craft willing to shoot anyone crossing without proper documentation, maybe there would be a deterrent for people to NOT COME.  If you have seen any of the recent documentaries on the border crossings, there are maps, signs and tents to support these people from all over the world coming across. Agencies within the United States, like the Red Cross are aiding in the very dangerous journey of these  individuals where women and children are severely taken advantage of by the cartels and other shady characters.  We as a country cannot take unlimited people in and support them with our social programs. Those programs are for OUR citizens who need them. An overload of the system will cause it to break, it’s already there. The high cost of groceries and other staples, is a big part linked to higher gas prices.  Start drilling oil again on our soil. It will causes the gas prices to go down, transportations costs go down, the cost of everyday goods goes down.  Likewise, it puts Americans` to work in the drilling industry, makes money for OUR country and our citizens, the cost of oil goes down, the Middle East no longer has us “Over a Barrel”  so to speak, and they are no longer one of the few areas of the world drilling oil, it gives them less extra cash to cause trouble around the world.  This is a very reasonable solution.  The social issues of DEI, diversity, equity and inclusion has caused so many problems and a society as a whole suffers. When jobs and college placements are no longer based on merit, quality suffers.  Any minority should be ticked at the thought of DEI, it sells them short sending a message that those minorities are unable to achieve their own success and suggests that they can only make time if given a pass.  Years from now, my prediction is that the checking of boxes will be looked at as a very bad thing that did much more harm than good.  It also causes friction amongst people and may cause people to ask “did they get the job because they were the best, or because they checked a box?”  Not good and it is insulting to anyone who busted their ass to get to where they are.

Read and listen to correct information so you know what is going on. Dan Bongino is a good source of accurate assessments current news.

     An expression my Dad would use comes to mind, “Time will tell,” and that’s how I’ll sum things up.  My suggestion is to start listening and paying attention to what is going on.  Ask your self “does this seem right, does this make sense?”  Have your head on a swivel, pay attention and be alert physically when you are out and about and with what you hear and read. There is so much noise and chatter and so many issues facing us, I think sometimes we just get distracted and don’t know what to think.  During Covid and the shutdown, there were initially some gray areas and it was hard to know what was fact and what was fiction, who was telling the truth, why wasn’t  and  who was going to bat for the American people.  There are so many Goliaths out there, the people with the power and money who seem to have all the control.  However, look at the people who are coming forward to take on the Goliaths.  Maybe we call them the “Davids” or what you would like, but from my perspective, they are stepping forward.  Listen to what they are saying, check their sources, consider their motivations and what they have to risk.  This next year will be a year where all hands will need to be on deck.  Inform yourself and know what’s going on…I’m betting against the Goliaths…”Time will Tell.”