Here is the second in this month long series in May of healthy warm weather snacks and desserts (really, they could be enjoyed any time of year).   This one has 2-3 simple ingredients.  Cottage cheese, pineapple 7 pineapple juice/water.  Below the recipe, I’ll discuss varieties of cottage cheese and additional notes.  Here’s the recipe…


-16 ounces cottage cheese

-8 ounces pineapple

-liquid as needed, either pineapple juice, milk or water


1.  Place cottage cheese and pineapple in a blender.  Blend,      adding enough liquid to obtain desired consistency.

2.  For a shake consistency, add more liquid, so that mixture can      be slurped through a straw. Pour into pretty drinking glasses.

3.  For more of a pudding/mousse consistency, add less liquid      then spoon into ramekins or custard dishes.

Additional notes:

Cottage cheese is quickly emerging if as the new “SUPER” ingredient to add to basic recipes for a protein boost.  I have seen recipes for omelets and scrambled eggs, to a chocolate mousse and to your basic smoothie, like this one.  Those who have always had cottage cheese on their weekly grocery lists don’t have to be convinced of the benefits of this item from the dairy case for protein, calcium and vitamin D.  However, if you are not a usual fan of cottage cheese, give it a second look.Read the label for it’s high protein and nutrients.  

     When whipped/blended, it adds a creamy consistency to any recipe. There are a few different types of cottage cheese and depending on your preference, you’ll many need to adjust recipe.  For example, if you use a large curd cottage cheese, you may need to add more liquid than you would if you were using a small curd cottage cheese.  A low fa 2%  cottage cheese will yield a thinner consistency than a 4% milk fat version.  If you are lactose intolerant, use a Lactose Free  cottage cheese.  To include a probiotic in your dessert, use a probiotic cottage cheese such as GOOD Brand cottage cheese-they have a low fat and regular versions as well.  

Creative cups making enjoying a delicious snack even more fun.

     When it comes to cups and kids, if you want to make drinking healthy snacks fun, consider some cool drink cups.  Our grandchildren like these cactus plastic cups with straws.  They usually have a healthy snack after nap time, (we do call it happy hour when they come to visit) and they look forward to a good drink in a fancy cup.  They also have some pineapple cups at their house.  You can get creative.

     Lastly, if you use frozen pineapple, like I did, you’ll need more liquid.  One of the goals of Marvelous Monday recipes is to think about how a recipe might need to be altered if an ingredient is fresh, frozen or canned.  If you are a veteran I. The kitchen, you know what I’m talking about.  If you are new to the kitchen, it won’t take long before this is automatic for you  be patient and have some fun here.  Remember, when you make your meals and snacks in your own kitchen, you know where the ingredients come from, you know they are clean and fresh and you know that YOUR kitchen is clean, all good motivating factors to prepare your own meals as much as possible.  Right?!   There you go!  Next week, another healthy treat that is, something simple, something good (& healthy)…It’s a Great Day 🥤