🍎Hats off to the Dads out there and all the men who step up when a Dad is required, the Dads who provide for their families and shoulder the burden as the leader of their clan.  Moms, at times have to do the same when a Dad isn’t present, but they had their day in May, and rightfully so. This is for the Dads.  Cheers to the men out there who recognize their place in the community to be the coach, the spiritual leader, the shoulder to lean on, the confident and the example of how a man and gentleman behaves.  It could be the grandpa, the uncle, the step-dad, the family friend, neighbor, pastor, family doctor, the teacher, principal, or neighborhood dad who happens to be home and around working in his garage when the kids are home from school and they know they can count on him to just be around. All of these men have stepped in when I was growing up or my kiddos were, when our family needed them.  They never asked for recognition but they were and are appreciated. You see, many can father a child, it takes a special person to step up to the plate to be a Dad.  Make sure you honor those in your life and your kiddos who have held that place making for many Great Days🍎