A few weeks ago. I did a little series on the summer classroom.  Today’s lesson is in that vibe.  A few years back I purchased a book at Hobby lobby called Hand Lettering for Relaxation . It was in the section with the markers art supplies. It’s pretty book. I finally picked it up over the weekend. I cannot believe I have it picked up this book until now-It’s been sitting on my desk. I like the way the book is laid out. It’s laid out almost as a class with each chapter being a new lesson with clear objectives and lessons are taught in clear and easy steps, the theme of the book is in the title hand lettering for relaxation. The author, Amy Ladda does a good job of teaching the subject matter well also inspiring. Let me give you an example of that in one of the early chapters. Amy takes the phrase “Practice Makes Perfect.”

Here are a few of the practice exercises I did over the weekend from Amy Ladda’s book.

Not only do you learn to write that phrase in ‘faux calligraphy’ but she looks at that phrase in terms of how it applies, or rather doesn’t for art.  Here’s my take on that. We’ve all heard that expression and yes, sometimes perfection is needed. Think of the surgeon with the scalpel think of the accountant with numbers and attorney with contracts. Those are things that need to be perfect. No questions asked and we pay those people good money for that reason. but there’s a lot in life that doesn’t have to be perfect and the expression “Practice Makes Progress” is appropriate like when doing an art project or learning a new skill. The book is set up like a workbook with space to practice and of course you could have your own notebook so that you can practice and see your progress along the way. I’m sure there are other books and other subject matters that are set up like this. as a parent or grandparent with children home for the summer, this is an idea of a lesson you could teach.  Determine what new skills you children would be interested in learning and find something like this for that particular skill.

There are many great books out there on a variety of subjects to help you teach your children and grandchildren skills.

     Summer is a perfect time for teaching skills like this with a  more relaxed schedule and more  pockets of free time and opportunities to learn and develop these skills. As your children get older, you could supervise them teaching younger children in your family or other children and I like the idea encouraging kids to be creative and taking a break from technology. As I’ve said before technology used for the good can be a good thing, but for child to be sitting on a tablet, a computer or phone for numerous hours a day, I don’t feel the best use of their time.

     In the earlier lessons I mentioned above about setting up the summer classroom I talk about having an area where kids can be creative either having all of your art supplies on a cart that can be wheeled around or in a specific closet or drawer, so your children can easily access crayons, markers, rulers, pencils, and paper. If it’s easy for kids to sit down and be creative they’re more likely to spend time doing it. I had fun learning some new things, so don’t be surprised as you teach your children and grandchildren if  you don’t learn a new thing or two it’s good for kids to see adults experiencing something new. It’s a great day 🍎 

Author, Mrs. Burau 🍎