When our kids were very little, we started a collection of books for the Christmas season. It started out with the Christmas story board book that told the story of the birth of Jesus. most years we’s add to it and some years I saw nothing new that looked better than what we had. I kept these books in a basket and pulled it out around Thanks- giving and sometimes it was in the kitchen, sometimes near the Christmas tree and sometimes in the hallway outside their bedrooms. Sometimes the kids would browse through and sometimes these were the stories at nap time/bedtime.. The basket would stay filled with the Christmas season books until usually mid-January. Pictured here are some of our favorites.

What this tradition did was it prompted a new selection of books in the basket each month. It was a way of “Featuring” highlighted books each month, most from our home library or books picked up from the library, to get the kids ready different books. Sometimes there was a theme, like Christmas, or summer and sometimes not, they were just a few books that looked good to me. I always felt as if the more you get kids reading, the better. The stories, as they got older, would sometimes prompt, more extensive reading on the topic and many times, it was just good times spent reading and being together for many Great Days 🍎

Author, Mrs. Burau 🍎