Recently, I had the opportunity to see Mike Sterling in concert.  He grew up in Wales in the United Kingdom.  At the age of seven, he had the opportunity to sing at his sister’s wedding when he asked the band to play Elvis Presley’s “It’s Now or Never” to honor his passing that very day.  The band leader invited him to sing the song himself and he knew then that he had the bug.  As a teenager he joined a British traveling vocal group and eventually he got a chance to play small roles in West End productions (the place in London to see the best of musical theater).  Once night about twenty minutes  before show time, when he was playing the role of Raoul in “The Phantom of the Opera, a knock came to his door.  It was the director, asking him if he would be able to play the lead role of the Phantom.  “Sure,” he responded.  He closed the door and had twenty minutes to prepare himself for the role of a lifetime. But actually not.  He had been preparing for that role since the age of seven when he sang at his sister’s wedding. Would he have had another opportunity to step in for a big role like that, that would pave the way for the rest of his career?  Maybe, maybe not.  In a business that is so competitive and loaded with so much talent, one cannot be sure, so when an opportunity presents itself, one has to be ready to step up to the plate and hit it out of the park.

Mike Sterling has played numerous roles in British musical theater in the West End.

    Look at last week’s Monday Night Football game with Aaron Rodgers opening game for the jets in New York. Four plays into the game, the new quarter back is injured and the backup, Zach Wilson who probably anticipated getting limited play this season and he’s in.  He stepped in and helped win the game. The spotlight from that performance could give him attention he may not have gotten.  Look at twenty year old Carlos Alcaraz, who met up with top player Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon in July.  He showed up that day and played the match of his life to win a Grand Slam.

Zach Wilson, back up quarter back for the NY Jets stepped in to take on the starting role when Aaron Rodgers was injured in the first game of the season.


Carlos Alcaraz stepped on the court at Wimbledon in July, playing his best that day taking on and defeated Novak Djokovic to win his first Grand Slam.

 Life’s like that.  Each day you need to prepare for the best performance you can offer that day.  You need to be rested, well nourished and well trained for whatever it is you do.  Do your homework, keep your equipment in good working condition, you tools sharpened and ready to perform.  One day’s performance may be better than the next but each day giving what you do, your all.  Your family, your people, your customers, your employees, your students, your patients deserve the best you have to offer and you know what, YOU deserve the best you have to offer.  When you give each day the BEST you have to offer that day, you’ll have no regrets and you’ll sleep well knowing that you gave the day your all and you’ll have a sense of confidence that you are the captain of your own ship or director of your own show leading to many many Great Days ✨