Last week’s lesson was on teaching children why we celebrate Thanksgiving and why the Pilgrims left England on the Mayflower.  This week, as you talk about your plans for Thanksgiving and prepare, talk to your children about being grateful for all the goodness in their lives this weekend.  Start with the definition of what it means to be grateful, “when you feel thankful for the good things in your life.”  Ask them, “What are you grateful for this weekend?”  And have them really think about their answers.  Put the phones away and have some really nice discussions.  You may have to start out the conversation by telling them what you are grateful for.  “You know, I am grateful for you, and our family. You all are my world and I work hard everyday to make sure you have a good life of food, clothes, our home and I want you to grow up to be a good person.”  As with many good discussion, one thing leads to another.  Once you all start talking about the people and things you are grateful for, you start realizing that you have so much to be thankful for. Tell your family just how much they mean to you.  

     It’s fun as you are talking about the meaning of the holiday to talk about your family traditions too this time of year and how they got started.  Ask your kids their favorite dishes on the Thanksgiving dinner table and why.  Sometimes it has everything to do with the memories they have and the memories of the people who made them.  

     They say that many kids are not comfortable conversing and this may be due to the time away from the traditional classroom over the previous years due to school closures and of course, technology & ‘screen time.”These opportunities for dinner conversations can help kids to become more comfortable talking in groups.  What better group to develop this skill with than a group of people who love you unconditionally, your ‘people.’  Get the conversation going and watch/listen to it flourish.  Again, one thing can lead to another and before you know it,  there is sharing of ideas, thoughts, family history and maybe even some recollecting of memories.  There’s good & bad in everything and even though technology can be bad a thing when we don’t set limits and perimeters, utilizing it to keep us in touch with those we love and to learn, it can be a good thing as well-look, you are reading this. Take photos of your time together to remember as years go by, those no longer with you and to capture these special moments to share with future generations. Those gathered around your table may linger longer, giving everyone a reason to look forward to gathering around the table again making for many great days in the future ❤️

Author, Mrs.Burau…. Happy Thanksgiving 🍎